Temporary Insurance Mix Up

We have a street with a big insurance company right next to a small one that I have never heard of. Not surprising, what sort of insurance company advertising cheap car insurance calls itself paythroughthenose.co.uk?  Some insurers are stupid. You know those buildings that look like mini malls with glass offices so close together that you never know which one you are walking into until it is too late? You can never really tell whether you are walking into the big insurance office or the small one. Even more so because this small company decides to use the same font, size, and color as the big guys so maybe they will get some customers walking in the wrong door.

Guess what? I was one of those guys.

I think I could have a case for fraud or something, but my signature is at the bottom of all the documents. I went through the entire insurance process with the small company thinking that I was in the big one's office. And as I was sitting outside of the wreckage of my vehicle on the phone with my agent, who I believe was halfway stifling laughter as he spoke to me, I couldn't help but notice that these guys had the tagline under their insurance company name on my flimsy plastic insurance card which read,

"We pick up the pieces those other guys don't."

You will no doubt have noticed of course that this was in the USA. I have since moved to the UK and your ideas about service are entirely different over here. I generally get good, reliable service, even when I'm looking for the product I used to hate, temporary car insurance - I buy from cheap temporary car insurance from www.temporarycarinsuranceuk.com


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